designs by Deanna Cushing have inspired women who played years ago to play again or to learn the game for the first time. Everyone loves the idea of hosting a backgammon luncheon. It's a nice way to rekindle old relationships and to invite new people, making lasting friendships.
Start your own backgammon luncheon club!! Ladies have embraced these decorative backgammon boards and are inspired to play. One person said it is like "eye candy" to see all the beautiful designs. You may order backgammon luncheon invitations to send your friends.
"Backgammon Board Creations" by Deanna Cushing are 16" X 20" table top backgammon boards made with your choice of designer fabrics and colorful pips under glass in a beautiful wood frame.

These unique backgammon boards include a matching cannister which holds the color coordinated checkers, dice, and dice cups inside. Custom backgammon boards designed with your own fabric are also available. Just send a yard of your own fabric and watch the magic! The backgammon boards are such a fashion statement for your home and will be a conversation piece on your coffee table, in your game room, or on your yacht.

Orders can be requested by email Send a check or credit card number and your order will be sent within 2-3 weeks. The prices range from $325.00 to $495.00 plus shipping and handling. The price of the custom backgammon board is upon request

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