If there is one area in your development that presents a continual problem, it is that of tolerance. Clearly, one who is able to live their life in unconditional love has no such problems, but the majority of you find it difficult not to fall back to ways that are commonplace in humans. Criticism is a facet of judgement that is very prevalent in your societies, and it abounds around you particularly through the media. Lack of tolerance is symptomatic of cultures that are based on greed and selfishness, and where supposed failure of any kind is considered as some deficiency or fault on the part of the person concerned. It is also encouraged through focussing on the differences between people, particularly where religious beliefs are concerned.

There is probably not a “normal” day that passes by where you do not find yourself allowing intolerance, even if it is only a thought in your mind. Come the time when you can hold yourself in check, you can then be assured that you are uplifting to a level where you are able to withhold judgement of another. In times such as you are in now with so much upheaval and chaos about you, it is so important.

It is understandable that so much of what is happening is negative in nature, as the dark forces are determined to play their hand to the last. This gives rise to much consternation and condemnation, and it seems the right response in the circumstances. Your position should be one of neutrality where you can understand the events happening around you, without creating more negativity through your own reactions. Be aware of what is taking place and use it to send out positive thoughts that can help transmute the dark energies.

It is possible for you to reach state of personal control where you can be centred in your own positive energy, and nothing exterior to them can have any effect. In fact, many of you already have this capability and through this level of self-control, you are helping others around you to follow your example. This degree of development comes naturally with your gradual upliftment, and is a sign of the wonderful progress you are making. The ultimate is to be in total control of your thoughts and actions.

Start to think about the way you respond to situations, and do it when you are faced with making a possible reaction that would not be in your highest interest. Taking a second or two to check what you are about to do or say, should be sufficient to enable you to pull back. You will in fact feel much better for being able to exert such control over your feelings, and you will find that carrying a calm and peaceful energy with you is conducive to good health. If you slip up and express negative criticism or make a judgement, notice how it feels uncomfortable and alien to your body. More extreme emotions such as anger, even in its milder form as irritability bring changes to your body that causes poisonous toxins to be produced. You will know from experience that it takes quite a while to recover as they can make you feel quite ill for a time.

Dear Friends, we know that humans by nature do not always readily accept sound advice, but you are on a path of development that requires of you a different approach to life than you have been used to previously. In raising your vibrations you will in any event develop a sensitivity to negative energies, yet at the same time you will be arming yourself with the Light that is the going to repel it. Light that you can also use to protect yourself by consciously placing it around you, or can be sent out to help diffuse a situation of a personal or even universal nature.

The power of the Light is beyond your complete understanding, but as you rise up through the various dimensions you will not only begin to grasp its significance but use it for your own creations. However, it is possible even now to direct Light anywhere you desire, but it will become more potent and successful if you can apply yourself to it in a concentrated way. This also requires a degree of faith, as Lightworkers cannot necessarily see the result of their work. However, on a one to one basis where Light is used for healing, there is often a result that brings useful confirmation.

Let me put it to you yet another way as Light is Love, and you all know of the “feel good factor” that it can bring. Consider times when you are projecting your love to a loved one, be they adults, children or pets. Is there not an immediate response that is shown in the eyes, and recognised in body language? Each day of your life you consciously send loving thoughts to someone, and it is often to people you do not know and by way of compassion. There are many expressions of love, and when you can arrive at the understanding that it has no boundaries you are becoming a true co-creator with God. It is the power of love that makes the wheels of the Universe turn, and each and every one of you has an input.

Remember that you have many unseen travellers with you on your journey through life. If you find that you are about to be involved in a negative situation, call upon them for protection and guidance and they will be immediately by your side. You have Angels of immense power around you, and it is just as likely that they have already saved you from dire consequences. It is one thing for your life contract to be carried out, but sometimes everyone else has to stand aside in acceptance of it. However, there are times when acting with your freewill choice, you may endanger your life or others and your Angels will be able to act. Often humans talk of what is a called coincidence, and how certain events enabled them to avoid a catastrophic experience. Shall I say that you cannot normally leave this dimension before your allotted time is up.

Life is very complex, and at this most important time it is essential that you take charge of it. You are not at the mercy of events over which you have no control. You do not have to be the victim of circumstances, but can set out your own path. Your intuitive guidance will tell you what you should do, and this can come from your Higher Self or one of your many Guides. Invite help if you need it, and remember that you are the one who has ultimate control of the way your life works out.

I am Ker-On from Venus, and enfold you in the beautiful energies of my home planet. All of us who are members of the Galactic Federation are ascended Beings, and as such whenever we approach you, our higher energies naturally touch you, and you can feel their gentle power to bring peace and calmness. We are at a level that you are soon to join us on, and will have achieved it through your evolution. This will be a return to your true self and a more realistic reflection of your Godself.

Take those steps forward that will put you first and foremost in charge of your life. You do not have to be tossed around like a rudderless ship at sea. Direct your life with the intention of following the path you have designated for yourself. Hopefully, regardless of how you see the final period of this cycle working out, your goal is one of ascension and you will prepare yourself for it. Certainly you have great help for the taking, and the loving support of many souls who urge you ever onwards. Go about your day with full confidence, and give freely of your love, and your coffers will be refilled to overflowing.

Thank you Ker-On.

Mike Quinsey.